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SHUTS EASILY! : Thanks to the magnetic pieces, fly screen for patio doors close automatically. It’s windproof and very durable, it doesn’t leave any change for insects to pass but at the same time, you will notice how easily it pull apart when you pass through the curtain.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Magic Magnet hand-free fly screen doors is so versatile! Perfect for single doors, sliding doors, campers, RVs. Suitable for pets too! You don’t need to create a doggie door nor a cat door in your curtain, your pets can pass through the curtain as they please!

EASY TO INSTALL: Magic Magnet fly screen for patio doors is super easy to install. No screw, no nails no other tool needed. Apply the adhesive hook tape provided on your door frame and apply on top the screen door, and it’s done! The curtain will stay at its place for all the summer. It’s removable, portable and washable. So when winter comes, you can take it down and store it away for next year.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Magic Magnet provides a top quality mesh, a strong hold loop/hook tape and top seal magnets to guarantee the best screen door for your front doors or sliding doors that lasts for years. Its discrete design makes it suitable for every environment.

Chesterfield  fly screens for doors

Magic Magnet Magnetic Door Screens Keeps Your Chesterfield Home or Business Safe And Bug Free!

When it’s warm you’d love to open every door and let fresh air into your home. The trouble is you’d end up letting lots of bugs in your home as well.

Now there’s Magic Magnet magnetic door screens , the new type of magnetic fly screen door that opens easily and then magically closes itself behind you. So if your hands are full or you have a forgetful family member, you can let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out.


When you separate its special magnets, they automatically snap back together so bugs have little chance to enter! When your hands are full, Magic Magnet magnetic door screen will snap close behind you, that makes it great for pets too!

  • Opens and closes automatically.
  • No more slamming doors, because it closes gently every time!
  • Magnets stick together even in strong wind.


Magic Magnet door screen is made of a strong fine mesh fabric, using extra strong sewing that ensure a long life of the product.

  • It’s machine washable at 30 degrees.
  • The screen door will protect your home from bugs for many summers to come.
  • Perfect for two and four legs!
  • Great for kids and their buddies.
  • Don’t need to create a doggie door or a cat door in your Screen door.
  • Your kids and pets will be able to get in and out from your house passing through the curtains as they please.


Enjoy a bug free environment every time thanks to Magic Magnet fine mesh fly screen doors ! Let fresh air come in without worrying about pecking mosquitos. Save money and enjoy a healthier environment reducing the use of air conditioning and mosquito chemical repellents nor fly killers that can be dangerous for pets or children.

What Colors & Sizes Does A Magnetic Door Screens Come In?

Available in White, Brown & Black and over x17 different set sizes. If there is a size that does not match … you are able to get a custom made screen door to the size required at a very affordable price

Is A Fly Screens For Doors Easy to Fit?

Simply attach the two pieces of material together by the magnets, then attach the top of the magnetic screen door to the doorway and secure with the supplied self-adhesive adhesive tape on the door frames, or use the thumb tacks provided on a wooden frame. Also secure the material down each side of the frame with the tacks or the self-adhesive tape on the machined edge. If you do cut the magnetic door screen it is recommended to reattach the machined edge.

Is A Fly Screen Door Easy to Use?

Yes you simply walk through them and the magnets mean that it automatically shuts behind you.

What you Get:

One screen. Self adhesive tape 2.5m approx. Drawing Pins 12 approx. If you order with a top rod plus two screws.

What Is A Fly Screen Door Suitable for?

Domestic applications. Brilliant with kids who have no concept of shutting any sort of door behind them. Also great for pets too who don’t have to worry about handles and locks either. Great for internal doors but we would not recommend that it is fitted to external door frames unless firmly secured with battens.

You might also want to consider our Top Rail (below) which will hold the screen even more securely. It is 1.0m long, 4cm wide and 1cm deep. There is a tube shaped profile that fits in the rear of the rail and holds the material in place. Supplied with screws there is the option of hook and loop tape.

How To Install A Fly Screen Doors

  1. CLEAN DOOR FRAME: Please clean your door frame surface before stick Velcro on it.
  2. STICK VELCRO ON YOUR DOOR FRAME: Measure length of your door top and left and right side frame, use scissors to cut Velcro for the right door frame length. Stick Velcro on top of door frame first,
    then left and right side frame, carefully peeling and firmly pressing Velcro along on the edge of the door frame.
  3. INSTALL FLY MESH SCREEN: Start from top center of door frame, firmly pressing Velcro along to left and right side. Push pins are provided when extra fasten is needed.